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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Computer and Genealogy

 When the Computer is Not the Answer to Genealogy

The modern age of technology is wonderful!  However, we must not rely upon genealogy programs to find the ancestors. Everyone knows that tracing the family roots is a tedious process involving many long years of hard work. To the new researchers out there: one cannot just sign up somewhere and expect to find the family tree.  Should you think that this is the case, the work itself is riddled with errors.  For this reason connecting to a World Tree is not advisable. One must keep their errors to themselves, not share them!  That is, until they are resolved with factual evidence.  Otherwise, in the end, that World Tree will be a trash dump no one wants to tackle.  Already the term "junk genealogy" has emerged and cleanup is near impossible. The computer programs of today merging data are not cutting it.  Hence, human beings must continue to control genealogical research and maintain it privately on a simple computer program.

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