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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bury the Silver!

Just before General Sherman's troops arrived in Atlanta, there were yet many persons still in the city. They heard the news of battles surrounding the countryside.  The idea was to escape by horse or train.  Some trains took refugees south to Jonesboro to a camp known as Shanty Town. There exists some tales where people jumped off the trains along the way and buried family treasure. One of my own ancestors, John Chambliss, buried his money in the family garden.  This was not uncommon.  Everyone planned to return later and dig it up.  Treasure hunters have found family silverware and other goods in some of the gardens surrounding the old homes in Covington.  One cannot help to speculate how much stuff is still underground.  There was a long search following the trail of the confederate gold wagon through Georgia, based upon battles.  No one knows, really, what happened to the gold of the confederacy. However, during the construction of the famous "Underground Atanta" (old Atlanta, on a lower level around Washington Street), some gold was discovered buried inside of brick walls.  No one can recken where this went.  Probably to the city. 

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