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Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta was organized in 1848 in a one-room house which had been built for union services at the present junction of North Pryor and Houston Streets. The nineteen persons who signed the declaration were: Joel Kelsey, Minerva Kelsey, Keziah Boyd, Margaret Boyd, Annie L. Houston, Jane Gill, O. Houston, Mary A. Thompson, C. J. Caldwell, Mary J. Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Henry Brockman, Harriet Norcross, Ruth A. Brockman, James Davis, Jane Davis, H. A. Fraser, Julia M. L. Fraser and Lucinda Cone. In 1858, the Flint River Presbytery decreed the church should be divided and two churches formed. Fifty-seven of its members then organized the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. Three churches were built on Marietta Street, the first in 1850, second in 1851 and third in 1852. In 1877 the second building was erected on Marietta Street and the third building was constructed at Peachtree and Sixtedenth Street in 1919.

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