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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Atlanta Terminal Station

The Atlanta Terminal Station is yet a familiar memory to many of Atlanta's senior citizens...."In 1836 the Georgia Legislature created the Western and Atlantic Railroad by fixing its southeastern terminus at the point east of the Chattahoochee, most convenient for building branch lines through the State. The Act was ratified by a formal enactment of the laws of nature whem it raised the mountains, spread out the valleys and fixed the water courses so that the topography would make this point the inevitable ccenter of railroad and highway development." The Central of Georgia Railroad served Atlanta and Fulton County and was originally known as the Macon and Monroe Railroad and was one of the first railroads constructed in the United States. The Macon liine reached Atlanta in 1846 and provided freight and passenger service. The company changed its name to the Macon and Western Railroad, consisting of 104.71 miles.

Source: Official History of Fulton County by Walter G. Cooper (1934)
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