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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Reconstruction was Like

Atlanta during Reconstruction
After the War Between the States, the Reconstruction Act of 1867 caused all Georgia governments to subordinate to the military commander. This commander was given the authority to administer all of the powers of the State and to appoint and remove as he pleased. "Thus," said Henry G. Turner in his account of reconstruction days, "Georgia was reduced to a mere military district, in which the will of the commanding General was suprme, with no right of appeal from his orders to any court or any civil officer of the State or General Government."
Those persons who had been members of any State legislature or held any executive or judicial office...and afterwards engaged in war against the United States were disfranchised, and the other male persons in the Sate, without regard to color or previous condition, were registered as voters by the officers of military creation and could vote under military supervision. "Congress, by disfranchising and enfranchisiing whom it pleased, fixed the basis of suffrage in this State." Source: Official History of Fulton County by Cooper.
Hmmm, the Northern States were not treated this way!

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