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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Atlanta Houses that Survived Sherman's Burn

1865: Citizens Leaving Atlanta
Peachtree Street was burned from the center of the city to Wesley Chapel. Hunnicutt's drug store was a heap of ruins. Johnson's Marble Works had but one small wooden shed left. Proceeding northward where there had stood a number of buildings that were three stories high above the cellars were in ruins. On this street the second building left standing was a wooden one owned by Dr. Tucker of Penfield. The mansions of Sasseen and Judge Ezzard were left standing. Wesley Chapel remained but it was horribly desecrated. From Rall's store to the residence of Mrs. Luckie all of the dwellings remained except Mr. Ripley's, Mr. Grubb's, Rev. Mr. Pinkerton and a house belonging to J. R. Wallace. Whitehall Street from Roark's corner to Captain Gaskill's residence (left standing) was entirely destroyed. The Masonic Hall was saved. Decatur Street did not survive, except for the fine residence of General L. J. Gartrell. On Butler Street only Mr. Toon's house was destroyed. On Calhoun Street all were left standing except Joseph Barnes' and a brick house adjoining. On Houston Street every house was burned.

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